On the 18th of August 2016 the Sporting Bears with the help of Rolls Royce Cars and the Special Escort Group (SEG S014) outriders, took 10 families across London from The Hilton London Metropole Hotel to Greenwich under Police escort for a day to remember….one of our families who has built a strong relationship for the Erb’s Palsy Group with The Sporting Bears were lucky enough to be invited to this very special day.

The planning started weeks before the event with a “what do we wear” challenge? We knew it was a once in a lifetime experience and we were representing the Erb’s palsy Group so wanted to look and feel good! It was summer so something cool, something very respectable, something that wouldn’t damage the seats so definitely no jeans! It was a challenge but eventually Eloise and I were happy when we set off for our special day.

We were a little nervous on the way there. What does Special escort Group mean? What do these guys do? So we googled it and got even more nervous! It says that the unit’s purpose is to provide armed motorcycle escorts for members of the Royal family, protected members of the Government, visiting Royals, Heads of State and other visiting dignitaries. We really were princesses for the day! They work by one motorcyclist (lead bike) positioning himself in front of the escort, controlling the precise pace, position, speed and timing of the escort, whilst the others forge ahead, dealing with traffic situations and advising the lead bike of the safest path through the traffic they are controlling.

Officers from The Special Escort Group are among the few police motorcyclists within the UK that carry firearms openly whilst riding although we didn’t see these!

The nerves were increasing now so we stopped googling and tried to relax. When we arrived at the hotel we were soon put at ease by the wonderful team of Sporting Bears and their families. We were introduced to our lovely driver and taken outside to see the cars. Can you imagine the sight…10 brand new Rolls Royce cars each worth approx £365k all lined up with police guard!!

The excitement was palpable. Eloise hopped straight into our car (worth more than our house!) and was immediately mesmerised by the Swarovski stars in the ceiling! With different brightness settings you could really set the mood and of course it was great fun playing with the buttons!

Of course we took plenty of selfies to help us remember the day although so far it was unforgettable!

Then it was time to leave our hotel car park and head to Greenwich Maritime Museum. The special escort group started their engines and we were off. Heading through London with all traffic and pedestrians stopping to make way for us was crazy! We travelled down The Mall in convoy with the SEG bikes, went the wrong way around Trafalgar Square and passed Downing Street and Big Ben. The Cars were getting more attention than these famous London Landmarks with people stopping in their tracks staring and waving! Eloise felt so special and it was quite emotional.

We then arrived at Greenwich and had one hour free time to meet the other families and mooch around. We got chatting with one lady and her daughter and over lunch asked how they were involved in the Sporting Bears. The mum explained that dad was serving in the armed forces and this had been arranged through one of their support groups. This was my opportunity to tell her about Erb’s Palsy which she had never heard of, of course, so was very interested in our story.

After lunch it was time for a group photo!

As you can see there were 10 very happy families privileged to have been invited by The Sporting Bears to take part in this money can’t buy experience along with a host of very special Sporting Bears and their families. We cannot thank them enough for their support of The Erb’s Palsy Group during the last two years and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.