The Erb’s Palsy Group hold a number of helpful and very useful information sheets which we hope will help you and your child.


Fact Sheet 1 – Obstetrical Erb’s Palsy
Fact Sheet 2 – Nerve Grafts
Fact Sheet 3 – Shoulder Release.
Fact Sheet 4 – Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfer

Erb’s Palsy – A  comprehensive guide for Professionals and Parents

Care of a Baby with Erb’s Palsy – tips for bathing, feeding and coping with your new born

Teen Plus Resource Book – A guide for Teenagers and Young Adults – from starting Secondary School, to learning to drive and much more

Rights in the Workplace and Education Setting – How the Equality Act 2010 protects your rights

Claiming Disability Living Allowance
Claiming Carers Allowance
Attending a DLA Tribunal
Obtaining your Maternity Records


Staying In Hospital;
Derby Childrens Hospital, Derby.
The Portland, London.
Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), Leeds

Making A Clinical Negligence Claim
Toys and Equipment
Information for schools;
Nursery and Primary schools
Middle and Upper schools

Preparing for secondary school tips for students
Moving up to secondary school tips for parents

All About Me Booklet – A booklet for your child to share information about themselves and their injury with other people

For further information please contact Karen Hillyer

02476 413 293